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Our IVF program is directed by Dr. S. Ghosh Dastidar, one of the pioneers of IUI/IVF/ICSI in India.   Our success rate is comparable to advanced centres of the world. IVF treatment involves following major steps:

  1. Before IVF or ICSI treatment, the couple is assessed to document some important information regarding their reproductive status. We believe this information are key to high success rate in IVF treatment. Wife's several hormone assessment and ultrasound study and husband’s semen study are done to asses’ wife's expected ovarian response, uterine status; and the sperm potential of husband respectively. We also perform specialised 3D Colour Doppler study of wife's endometrium (the area where the embryo will attach and grow), as developed and standardised by our chief of ultrasound division, Dr. Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar, a leader in the subject in India.
  2. In the treatment cycle, wife is given hormone injections for 10-12 days to produce multiple good quality eggs in the ovaries. From cycle day 5/6, several ultrasound study and blood tests are done to asses’ number and quality of developing eggs. Finally, eggs from the ovary, are collected by a simple but highly specialised technique under ultrasound guidance; eggs are identified under microscope in an advanced IVF laboratory. The collected eggs are fertilised with specially selected sperm cells, recovered from husband semen sample (either fresh or frozen semen).
  3. Fertilised embryos are kept in specialised equipment, called incubators to maintain temperature, humidity, sterility and in a special gas environment (O2, CO2, and N2) for 3-5 days. Embryos are critically examined after 3-5 days under a microscope to document embryo quality. Finally, 1 or two top quality embryo(s)is gently transferred back to wife's uterus using very fine catheters.  Embryo transfer is a simple and almost painless procedure but the most important and delicate step having major impacts on IVF success. In our centre most of the transfers are performed by Dr. S. Ghosh Dastidar himself.
  4. After 12-14 days after embryo transfer, wife' s blood is tested to confirm pregnancy. After a pregnancy is confirmed, rest of the managements are similar to a normal pregnancy. However, some special blood and ultrasound tests are done after 2-3 weeks after pregnancy test for detail study of early implantation and further growth parameters of gestation sac like, Fatal heart activity, location of the gestation sac etc. From start to finish, one IVF/ICSI treatment duration is approx. 18-20 days.
  5. If you have surplus (extra) embryos, those embryos can be frozen using a highly sophisticated technique, known as "Vitrification", and stored at very low temperature (-196 degree Celsius.).  These embryos can be used in future.